New Beginnings

18 Feb

I find that the longer I try to write strictly on my basic 8/ love categories, I get further and further away from them.

And so I have begun a new blog, to encompass more of life. Click here to discover how to be tactful while sleeping.


Freezerburnt- The Winter of 2014- Part 1

7 Feb

I hate to complain about the weather. Each time that it gets cold, everyone always states that they won’t ever gripe about the heat of summer, and vice versa. This is always a lie that lasts just until the next season. But this…this is ridiculous.

The Midwest portion of the United States is experiencing Arctic temperatures. I never before would have thought that I would someday cheer for 20 degrees Fahrenheit as if it were a heatwave. And the sheer amount of snow. Once again, I say “ridiculous!”

Thus the written whine observations on this winter’s torment. Somehow, it translated itself into a rating system in my head. So here goes.


Stage 1- Oh, how pretty. 

Just enough to transform the outdoors into a Wonderland

Just enough to transform the outdoors into a Wonderland

There is a reason that the song “Winter Wonderland” is a classic. Who can deny that a little snow improves the view? Otherwise we are stuck looking at a barren brown vista until the new growth of spring. Beautiful!

Stage 2- This is getting annoying.

Remember those days before the constant back pain?

Remember those days before the constant back pain?

Wet, cold feet. The constant need to shovel with the accompanying backache. Minor annoyances, but nevertheless irritating. We have weapons to combat this. Snow shovels and de-icer. Check. Gloves, boots, and scarf. Check, check, and check. We can handle this.

Stage 3- Where the hell is my car?

C'mon. I've only been here for ten minutes!

C’mon. I’ve only been here for ten minutes!

The kids get snow days; the adults get to ski to work. Seriously. I have awarded myself a new title: Champion Vehicular Skier. No snow days for this girl!

Um,that is once I find my car. Searching the vaguely car-shaped snowbanks. I know I parked it here somewhere…

Stage 4- Forsake all hope. You are not getting out.

Just like the ones our grandparents walked through on the way to school

Just like the ones our grandparents walked through on the way to school

Hope you hit that grocery store. Or like the taste of boiled leather. You are not going anywhere. So just stoke that fire and relax. Finally a snow day that the grown-ups can enjoy.

SAD- The Winter Blues

15 Jan

I am moody. There. I said it.


Extremely moody. One moment up and the next down. It is a roller coaster out of control. I am not saying that I am the most patient person in the world even at the best of times, but at times like these, I am just one big ball of anger.

The cause? I have SAD- seasonal affective disorder. And although this year, it is not as bad as usual, the symptoms are still effecting everything. Some days I don’t eat and on the following one I binge. I sleep through my days off and have insomnia the rest of the time. I shut myself into my house and then complain of cabin fever. Realistically though, I would not volunteer to go outside anyways. It is as cold as a snowman’s heart out there.

This monster of an illness affects my friends and family as well. I don’t enjoy going out with friends when I realize that I am going to be the downer in the group. And my poor family. Let’s just say that arguments increase a hundredfold. Maybe more. It brings out some latent OCD tendencies, without the enthusiasm or willpower to do anything about it myself. As a result, the lack of motivation to move makes my house dirtier, while the dirtier it gets the more my mood it affected. Which in turn, decreases my motivation to do anything about it. Relationships are hard for me during the winter.

I know that it does get better every year, though. And I am not really complaining, but rather trying to spread awareness. I fight through this depression each year, and use lamps to decrease the symptoms. I am also cognizant of the fact that the sunshine during the upcoming months will treat my depression, naturally. Unfortunately, the medications that I have tried have far too little benefit to continue use. But I feel for those that don’t understand why they feel hopeless and down in the dumps, every time the weather changes.

For more information, click here. If this sounds like you, get help. It is not “all in your head.”

Forget Resolutions…Let’s Talk Bucket List

31 Dec

Every New Year’s, I make a resolution and every year break down on the follow-through. It never fails. Work out more.. I lose my gym membership card in a week. Eat healthier…That sweet tooth that I never otherwise seem to have rears its ugly head. Decrease caffeine use…Yeah, I have the perfect excuse; I’m a night shift worker, so I have a little blood in my coffeestream.

It’s just that with the resolution, I feel the pressure pushing down on me and my willpower pops like a nasty zit. Gross image? Yep. But the sudden non-existence of my will is accompanied by the same burden of pain and shame as the most repulsive load of acne.

So, I refuse to make another resolution.

On the other hand, why give up on dreams? I am in the midst of preparing a bucket list, instead. Longer time frame than a year. Minimal pressure. Now this is something I can really get behind.bucketlist2

Items on Titania’s Bucket List 

– In no particular order-

  • Raise my girls up right- My father always said that if he got his daughters through to high school graduation and they weren’t pregnant, he had done the job. We all made it, if barely. I may steal his parameters for success to use as my own.
  • Find my soulmate a date- Baby steps. Baby steps. Lucky in cards, unlucky in love. Apparently I need to forget my killer hold ’em skills.
  • Travel the world- If I said that I had never left this country, I would be lying. However, I would like to see something of the developed countries, instead of the developing. Don’t get me wrong. I loved providing help in poverty-stricken provinces, but this time I want to be greedy and take a vacation and not an extended business trip.
  • Be an extra in a movie- I don’t need no stinkin’ lines. I just want to be in front of the camera. I don’t even need my fifteen seconds of fame. Just my face in a few frames for posterity.

I cannot really think of anything else at the moment. But, hey, I’ve got a lifetime to come up with things.

-Pause a moment-

My oldest child, Monkey, just made her own bucket list.

Items on Monkey’s Bucket List

  • A bucket of fried chicken
  • A bucket of shrimp
  • A bucket of mashed potatoes
  • A bucket of gravy to smother everything else
  • And a bucket of cholesterol meds

Oh, the things kids say…


The Joys (and Pains) of Motherhood

30 Dec

motherbdThis site started as a commentary on the low-down underhanded moves that some employ in regards to dates. After several weeks of being unable to post, and only reviewing the old articles, I realized that something was missing. I had missed a whole component of myself on here; something that describes  where a lot of my strategies grew from that I employ against those thieves of hearts, those dirty dogs of romance. I promised dating articles written by a single mom, and have hardly included stories of the kids.

Believe me…they are damn funny!

In any case, I am setting about revamping my pages and posts to include more of life. Maybe the holidays made me sentimental. Who knows?

Only one question remains…